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Patrick Webster



Patrick Webster is a marine science communicator and underwater photographer exploring the kelp forests of Monterey Bay, California. An appre-sea-ator of tasteful nudibranchs and avid algal a-fish-ionado, Pat’s preferred pastime is blowing bubbles with beautiful beasties beneath cold seas. The Bay’s blessings of shore-based access to charismatic mega and mini-fauna—from macro-critters to living wide-angle vistas—are a marine biologist’s wonderland, and Pat has spent over a decade documenting, dissecting and discussing the drama beneath these Pacific tides.

Pat’s a pixel-pusher by profession, graduating from skateboarding videos and making memes on the busy streets of Web 2.0 to becoming a social media content creator for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a freelance photo/videographer and scientific diver. His images have been featured in national publications and international media alongside award-winning scientific storytelling. He’s a two-time winner of the Monterey Shootout photo competition in 2016 and 2018, winning the Chuck Tribolet Best Of Show Award in 2016. Pat also started the DiveMola sticker, so if you see that around, that’s the Monterey Bay saying “Let’s go diving!”

Pat hopes that his work will help people see themselves as a part of the community of critters belonging to the Inner Space of Planet Ocean, and to see that—though there’s plenty wrong with the world—protecting species and safeguarding ecosystems isn’t so much about the organisms themselves or the ocean as a concept; it’s about tidying up our home so that all of its people can rejoice in the wonder of this water world.

Why I Love Sola Video Lights

A Sola 1200 was the first light I ever used when I started getting into underwater photography, and it was a revelation compared to the “dive lights” I had clipped off to myself during my SCUBA training. The simplicity of charging, peace of mind about flooding, and flexibility between wide angle and spot beams from the same light source made it the go-to for any dive I was getting up to when I was just starting out. Since then, a Sola has never left my kit, whether as a focus light for my photography, a primary video light, or a searchlight looking for jade off the Big Sur coast. Beyond the versatility, Sola lights are all about unlocking creativity. Everyone’s first dive with a Sola Nightsea has a completely new ocean revealed to them, and I remember fondly exploring the hidden world of biofluorescence on many a night dive. As of this writing, I’ve just done my first dive with Sola 15000s, and I’m already so excited by the possibilities—having enough clean light set my camera to its crispest settings has already boosted my video game. Can’t wait to get out there and play some more. Oh, and it’s also pretty dang sweet to be able to rep a local light company in our backyard. Thanks Light and Motion!

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