For the past 25 years, I owned and taught at my martial arts studio in Tacoma, Washington. We decided to sell our school and move to Arizona in March 2019. I started developing an interest in photography 7 years ago and attended a workshop by Joel Grimes. I was a total novice but was excited to learn about composite photography from Joel. When we lived in Washington state, I spent most of my time gaining experience in photography by concentrating in the area of fashion and beauty. I have become a close friend of Joel Grimes and was his production coordinator and assistant on a Tombstone project we did for his tutorial series. I love teaching and decided to hold lighting workshops in some amazing western towns in 2021. My wife Debra works with me as a wardrobe stylist for creative shoots and she also makes some amazing headpieces. I also enjoy photographing wildlife, landscapes and have an interest in drone photography. We purchased a motor home in June so we could travel the country to photograph outside of the state of Arizona. I purchased four CLx10 lights with the intention of using them for my rainmaker setup but found them great for using in portraits.

Cliff Lenderman photograph of a woman in classic convertible wearing scarf on head classic 1960s dress
Cliff Lenderman photograph woman in blue green skin tight dress city view highrises
Cliff Lenderman photograph of woman in red flowy dress headdress winter snow falling on trees dancing
Cliff Lenderman photograph of man in western wear sheriff badge stetson hat
Cliff Lenderman photograph of woman in Victorian dress western dress
Cliff Lenderman photograph of woman in top hat brown dress Victorian Era dress studio portrait
Cliff Lenderman photograph of woman black and white swim cap shiny black outfit