"Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” - David Alan Harvey. These words have inspired many a photographer, but John Deven’s work in cycling, adventure sports, and fitness photography clearly demonstrates that he’s living them. He is an avid road cyclist and mountain biker who knows the “moving meditation” of a steady climb, the twinges of leg cramps at the end of a long ride, and knows how to push through the internal chatter that an athlete experiences when faced with a challenging course. The former Navy man worked in the high tech industry. He eventually realized he had become overweight, overstressed, and was heading to an early grave, so he took up running, then cycling, dropping 40 pounds and gaining a new career in photography along the way. He discovered a talent and instinct for capturing the drive, passion, and commitment of everyday heroes in sports. John is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and likely to be spotted climbing the flanks of Mts. Hamilton, Diablo or Tamalpais, sipping on Hammer Endurolytes and eating a chocolate nut butter.

John Deven image of man wearing zebra bike shirt on bicycle blue background
John Deven image of man on bicycle front perspective dramatic lighting black and white
John Deven Woman in covercoat holding umbrella in the rain red background
John Deven portrait of man in white exercising chi gong tai chi green ferns in redwood forest
John Deven portrait of man wearing white practing tai chi excercising chi gong at the beach on a cliff