Seattle sports photographer Rick May shoots a variety of local sports — both pro and college. What makes his work unique is his incredible focus on the geometry of bodies in motion. Most photographers snap photos in burst mode, picking the photos that most clearly show the action. And while we’re sure Rick’s process isn’t too different from this, his photos all show a remarkable geometric harmony — the implied curves and zigs-zags of bodies in movement. You see how the circular movement of a torquing body gives the movement its power and removes friction that might mitigate this power. We love sports, but we are by no means experts on the techniques of batters or basketball players. Yet looking at Rick’s photos, we were able to derive actual insight about these sports that had never occurred to us before. It takes a special photographer to pull off such a feat.

Rick May soccer match soccer players

Rick May surfer at sunset silouette green water

Rick May waterfall cascading down rocks in forest sunset sunrise

Rick May waterfall rocks golden sunlight