Barry Andersson
Barry Andersson is an award-winning director and cinematographer. His career started with live television video production and now includes four feature films, several acclaimed short films, television pilots and numerous commercials. Mr. Andersson uses his real-world experiences working for clients...
Sara France
Photography and the business of photography are the perfect combination of Sara France’s skill sets. With more than fifteen years in the wedding industry, France’s style is described as “passionate and alive.” Her images are striking because of their emotion—a...
Daniel Woods
After pioneering two unique eco tourism photography businesses involving sea caves in the Pacific & canyoneering in the Colorado River, Daniel Woods has honed the as-it-happens-adventure-photography-craft.  Always looking to push the envelope with lighting in wild and remote places, he...
Alexandera Houchin
A citizen of the Fond du Lac Nation of Lake Superior Ojibwe, Alexandera races in ultra endurance bikepacking races throughout the United States. Starting off as a recreational bike tourer, she found racing as a way to channel her inner...
Corey the Courier
Hello, my name is Corey Hilliard. I began cycling my first year of college as a commuter. That first summer, I fell in love with thrashing around in the mud on trails in my hometown of Philadelphia. I became a...
Maxwel Hohn
Maxwel is an adventure photographer, videographer with a passion for showcasing our underwater diversity.
Patrick Webster
Patrick Webster is a marine science communicator and underwater photographer exploring the kelp forests of Monterey Bay, California to share the inner space of Planet Ocean with its seatizens.
Andrea Calvery
Andrea Calvery is a professional studio portrait photographer passionate about creating art that manifests love  and stays with a client forever.
Kristi Sutton Elias
With an artist’s eye and a poetic soul, Kristi merges her artistic energy and creativity into fine art portraiture, creating pieces that show her identifiable mystic and timeless style.
Manuel Ortega
Every opportunity I get to photograph a wedding is unique, where through my lens, I capture special moments and translate them into extraordinary expressions of art.
Paul Nicklen
Canadian photographer, filmmaker, and marine biologist who has documented the beauty and the plight of our planet for over twenty years. As an assignment photographer for National Geographic magazine, Paul Nicklen captures the imagination of a global audience.
David Gensch
Endurance racer, adventure seeker and father; David shows the excitement of single speed solo 12/24 hour racing.
Timothy Wolfer
Timothy Wolfer is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and owner of Wolfer Productions.
Sterling Boin
Photographer, skier, climber, and competitive cyclist, Sterling's creativity is fueled by his environmental stewardship.
Kristina Sherk
Professional headshot and retouching professional in the Washington DC metro.
Garrette and Amber Baird
Eyenamics dynamic team pushes the boundaries to capture the moments in Wedding Filmmaking