How to Create a Clean, High-Key Look with Harsh Shadows using Reflex

By StellaPro Champion of Light, Yuliya Panchenko
Yuliya Panchenko FF and BTS with Reflex S

Model | @xoxtabsxox
Makeup Artist | @xoxtabsxox


I wanted to go for a clean, high-key look but with a harsh shadow behind my subject. I used one light only, and I removed a Diffuser from my Octabox to get those harsh shadows. The benefits of using the Reflex in my work are the setup time, being able to easily capture movements of my subject without missing a shot, and achieving great results with only one light.


One Reflex S with diffused through an Elinchrom Octa. Camera Settings | ISO 1000, f/7.1, 1/100 

Yuliya Panchenko Reflex S final frame
StellaPro Reflex S
StellaPro Reflex S