GoPro Mount, Taz, Seca Comp

GoPro Mount, Taz, Seca Comp

part no. 804-0238-A


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Looking for endless mounting options for your Taz light? Attach this GoPro interface which is compatible with a variety of third party mounting options.

  • GoPro Interface compatible with a variety of GoPro mounting options
  • Allows for some interesting mounting combinations including arms that place light in front of stem
  • Replaces the stock handlebar mount on light; GoPro base mount or thumbscrew not included
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: False

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Meant 1 star because it won’t attach to loght

As below screw too short.

Short screw

Like the other reviewer, the screw is obviously too short to be useable.

Waiting for L&M’s response from a support ticket at the moment.

Mount does not attach to light--useless

The mount has three parts to attach to the light--two plastic pieces, held on by a screw. Unfortunately, the screw provided is not long enough to attach the mount, despite my efforts to properly align everything. Had to put the original bar mount, which has loosened over time, back on the light. Will be purchasing another brand of light.

Don't use with metal mounts

Attached it to a metal GoPro mount connected to my stem. After finger tightening the bolt the Taz light would dip at the slightest pump. Used the special wrench to tighten the bolt to where it didn't tilt on bumps and the plastic snapped going over some bumps on a paved bike path after about 1/2 mile. Fortunately, the Taz is sturdy and withstood fall but I'm back to the original bar mount

Ineffective attach point

Unfortunately the screw that attaches the mount to the light is too short and does not secure properly. Within 10 minutes of riding my light detached, crashing onto the road. I was able to reattach but another five mins and it was off again. Luckily the light was only banged up and not broken.