2-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack

2-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack

part no. 804-0118-A


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Extend night adventures with an additional 2 Cell Battery designed to be used with the Imjin bike light or Seca 2200d Drone Light. High capacity lithium-ion battery ensures long runtime in a lightweight package and includes battery cage with an adjustable rubber strap.

  • Ultra lightweight spare/replacement lithium-ion battery
  • Rubber battery strap included mounts on most frames, stems and helmets
  • Requires Smart External Battery Charger (will not charge with older Multi-Chem chargers)
  • Compatible with Imjin Bike Lights or the Seca 2200d drone light
  • Light and charger not included
  • Battery Pack Weight: 130 g (4.6 oz)
  • Battery Clip Weight: 19 g (0.7 oz)
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: False

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Miller
same issue

I had an issue too although I only got one charge out of it before it did not work again. The charger light is green indicating full charge, but it does not work on the light (light works with other batteries). I also got the same solution from the support (a discount on a new one). I think something is wrong with this battery. The support emails send the document indicating the decrease in performance over time, but it never worked in the first place.

I can't get them to charge and Support is not responding

Two years ago I purchased one of these. It lasted me only a winter riding season. Last year I bought one more and it also only lasted one winter season. Frustrated again I reached out to support. They finally gave me a 30% discount. I then recently purchased three new batteries and a new light. These won't hold a charge either. They power my light for 20 mins and done. I've tried for a few days to get a response from support and nothing. I do not have confidence in their products.