Raven from Fusion TLC
Raven from Fusion TLC
Raven from Fusion TLC
Raven from Fusion TLC
Raven from Fusion TLC

Raven from Fusion TLC


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Ready to take your photography to the next level? Say hello to Raven, the WORLD’S MOST RELIABLE FLASH TRIGGER that helps you take more creative images faster with:

Control and trigger of two different flash brands - At the same time
- Manual, TTL and PowerTrack - Switch effortlessly between different flash exposure controls
HSS - Freeze moving subjects and control ambient light
Rear Curtain Sync - Enhance light trails and minimize streaking
RF Noise Indicator - Find the cleanest Channel to maximize range and reliability
SyncView - See exactly where your flash power starts and stops, then tweak it to sync studio flashes up to 1/8000
Control modes - Choose between three to serve your creative control needs
Trigger remote cameras -  Set up in different places to get multiple angles of the same shot
Full color OLED touch screen - Adjust your settings easily
- Technical support and customer service - Responsive with photographer-first mindset

Meet Raven

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Guy D.

The Raven is the best kept secret in the industry.

I bought it and only use it with PocketWizard units for now since it's not yet compatible with Elinchrom and SMDV at this time, but I still get incredible value out of it.

So many awesome features on this transmitter, but my favorite is SpeedCycler. It's able to trigger different zones and alternate between them each time you take a photo. This gives you a way to shoot portraits with multiple lighting setups at the same time, giving you way more different selling opportunities for the same amount of shoot time.

This transmitter is perfect for creative business people. If you are always thinking about how to set yourself appart and be unique, the Raven features will unlock business ideas not possible with anything else on the market.

Michael F.

Love this trigger, no more misfires and the layout for all the controls is perfectly engineered.

Radu C.

I love it! Intuitive, smart, full of features, ideal for people like me that have more than one brand of flashes. The way firmware is updated is genius, never seen anything like it. Absolutely no regrets, although price is steep and also forced me to buy powerwizards and additional power supplies.

chris s.

this thing is amazing works flawless

Rick F.

My opinion of Raven and Pocket Wizard ... It always works! As a professional photographer...that's what I need!
Thank you