Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more
Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more
Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more
Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more
Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more
Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more
Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more

Phone Pro Dome Kit <-- Click to learn more


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Outex Dome Phone kit

Product Description

The Outex phone case was engineered by photographers to deliver professional imaging in any environment, even underwater. It works for all phone brands, makes, and models and maintains all functional control of the buttons and touchscreen. It is better, faster, easier, and cheaper than an action-cam. It works with the phone you already have, installs quickly, and requires no apps or downloads so you can edit and share. Differentiate your content creation.

  • Professional imaging performance - optical glass lens ports

  • Universal compatibility fits multiple phone makes, models

  • Complete functional control, including touchscreen

  • Convenience & transportability - lightweight, compact

  • Modular design that's compatible with accessories so you add tripods, selfie-sticks, lights, domes, etc.

  • Affordability, speed, and ease of use that's better than action-cams

Compatibility includes Apple iPhone and iPhone Max all models, Google Pixel phones, and Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S Ultra phones. Case Dimensions below.


Choose optical glass Outex ports for professional results. Borrowing from its camera-lineage, we offer professional grade materials and engineering to optimize imaging results, line of sight, optical positioning, and functionality. Optical glass, like your lens, offers superior performance and professional results. Learn more about the benefits of the dome in our Questions pages.

Hannah Mermaid Fraser swimming underwater with the Outex phone waterproof case


The patented Outex design can accommodate multiple brands, makes and models while opting imaging performance, so you get the most from the phone you have, and don't need a new case every time. 

Outex waterproof camera cases can accommodate multiple phone brands, makes, and models


In addition to phone compatibility, Outex can accommodate a number of 3rd party accessories such as tripods, mounts, external lenses, lights, etc. It offers unmatched flexibility and modularity.

Outex underwater phone case on a tripod in a river


Its lightweight, malleable, compact design adds no weight or bulk to your load and fits in any pocket. So you always have it with you, and can use it in dirt, dust, mud, rain, sand, and underwater with convenience and peace of mind. You can also operate the phone's functionality while in the case, including wirelessly sending/sharing data.


What ships with your kit

  • Universal Phone cover/housing/case 
  • Optical glass 120mm dome lens port for phone case
  • Neoprene protective cover for dome lens
  • Wrist strap lanyard


Product Details

  • Dome lens for superior underwater and split-level (half & half) photos
  • Waterproofs to 10 meters, or 33 feet underwater.
  • Transforms your phone into a go-anywhere image capture tool, with all its versatility, power, and sharing capabilities
  • Assists flotation


Installation video

Dome 120mm Description

The phone dome kit includes the phone cover + an optical glass dome 120mm, and it is the perfect waterproof phone case solution. The universal cover fits most/all phone brands, makes, models. And the dome is ideal for underwater photography, specially for split-level (half over/half under photos). The dome enhances your underwater imaging because it corrects color and light aberrations that occurs as light changes speed above and below water. Use keyword search on our website for additional information on the use of domes - specially the Questions and Community page.

Additional Dome Examples

 Model showing the Outex waterproof phone case on a beach in the water



Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 1

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 2

Visit our Questions & FAQs pages/menu for additional information.

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