StellaPro Bowens adapter - Compatible with Reflex line and CLx10 lights
StellaPro Bowens adapter has a quick release pin for ease of attachment.
Bowens Light Stand Adapter - Improved!
Bowens Light Stand Adapter - Improved!
Bowens Light Stand Adapter - Improved!
Bowens Light Stand Adapter - Improved!
Bowens Light Stand Adapter - Improved!
Bowens Light Stand Adapter - Improved!

Bowens Light Stand Adapter - Improved!

part no. 800-0371-B


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Easily mount a Bowen's softbox to any Reflex or Clx10 on a Light Stand.

After customer feedback, we redesigned our original StellaPro Bowens mount. Here is what's new:  Improved tension, & pin to ensure correct placement and positive engagement with Bowens softboxes. See second image for details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mixed Feelings

I've tried using this Bowens Mount adapter with my Glow EZ Lock Strip boxes (12x56) along with the Stella Pro Reflex S light and it would not hold the position of the light. I had to really tighten the thumb screw as tight as I could get it and my light still dropped down. Today, I tried using my 28" Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic softbox with this same Bowens mount adapter and it wouldn't even stay locked in place. It came coming off. I then tried my Aputure Lite Dome Mini II which is small softbox and it worked great! It did not easily come off and was locked in place. I've been trying to ask other photographers how they are using their Stella lights in Softboxes because I am not having much luck. Light and Motion suggested I set up the softbox only on a light stand using the Bowens mount adapter then set up my Clx10 or Stella Pro Reflex S on another stand and shoot through to the softbox. Just be forewarned that depending on the size of your softbox you want to use, it will most likely not hold its position and drop down or might not stay mounted and will easily detach itself from the softbox and nobody wants that to happen in the middle of a shoot. I asked L & M about their High Leverage Handle that they sell and they seem to think it would not have made a difference.

Poor design

Very cheap design. Only use with extremely small and lite softboxes. The angle adjustment joint is plastic and not secure enough to set the angle without sagging under the weight. Wound have been better to have no joint. Then at least you could use another brands quality swivel adapter.
Way over priced for such poor quality and design.

Not bad

I wonder what the old version was like.

For me, the biggest thing is, while it's not necessarily meant to take large modifiers, I wish it did a better job of handling them for the times when it's just easier to use what's available. I think it could still use a bit more tension (or maybe have that part made of metal so I'm more comfortable torquing it down). That maybe would not be a complaint if there was a little more guidance on how large a modifier could realistically be used. Also, I wish the angle between the mount and the battery grip was a little bit larger.

Other than that, not bad!


I have a few Bowens mount softboxes, including a Phottix 105cm (41 inch), which is a go-to for a lot of my photography. This Bowens mount was a total failure. First, the softbox does not fit securely to the mount -- there is no familiar 'snap' and only a single tightening screw that is not tight enough. Second, the softbox was too heavy; the vertical stem could not support the weight and would pull the adjustable portion down.
A third issue I had is that I intended to use this mount for securing the StellaPro Reflex to my lightstand rather than purchase the separate lightstand mount accessory. But this mount is so designed that I couldn't mount a bounce umbrella with it.
Bottom line -- I returned the Bowens mount and because I don't want to purchase new softboxes, I returned the two Reflex lights that I had also purchased.

Works but not well

With so many Bowen mounts out there it seems like a connector should be made that is strong and fits perfectly. This does neither. This is not capable of working with large softboxes. It doesn't tighten nearly enough. And getting the mount to connect with the softboxes is tricky as well.

A rep from Stella did reach out to me and help me with a fix to get the mount to work with one of my softboxes - a smaller one - but the work-around didn't hold my larger one. The lights are very expensive and the mount should be included with a kit. And for $99 I would think that the product would hold and be strong enough to hold larger softboxes.

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