YS-D3 Duo Underwater Strobe from Sea & Sea
YS-D3 Duo Underwater Strobe from Sea & Sea
YS-D3 Duo Underwater Strobe from Sea & Sea

YS-D3 Duo Underwater Strobe from Sea & Sea


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Explore the depths with the Sea & Sea YS-D3 Duo Underwater Strobe, designed to illuminate your underwater adventures in rich, natural color up to 328 feet deep. Compatible with Olympus OM RC, as well as offering traditional TTL and manual operation modes, this strobe is a versatile choice for divers and underwater photographers.

The YS-D3 Duo features a wide beam angle of 105°, expandable to an even broader 110° with the included diffuser. Its daylight-balanced color temperature of 5800K, or 5500K when using the diffuser, brings back the true colors of the underwater world, creating vibrant and accurate images. The strobe's aspherical toroidal lenses ensure even light dispersion without any hot spots, enhancing your underwater lighting experience.

Equipped with a dual-intensity 150/300-lumen LED target light, the YS-D3 Duo aids in focusing and framing your shots. Its backlit control panel displays different colors for each mode: blue for DS-TTL II, orange for OM RC, and green for manual, making it easy to identify your current setting. The strobe also features a 5-pin sync cord connector and a fiber-optic port, ensuring seamless connectivity with your underwater camera housing.

Depth Rating: Safe for use at depths up to 328 feet
  • Features overpressure relief valve

Guide Number: Max 33

Coverage: 105 x 80° beam angle, 110 x 100° with included diffuser
  • Diffusers help create soft, even light to reduce glare, backscatter, and hard shadows
Color Temperature of 5800K enables the strobe to restore colors absorbed underwater for more vibrant and accurate images
  • With diffuser in place, the color temperature is 5500K

Target Light: Two brightness levels
  • Bright enough to use as a dive light

Controls, Modes, and Operation: Olympus OM RC, DS-TTL, slave TTL, and manual flash exposure modes are available
  • Eleven manually selectable light levels

Power Source: Four alkaline or NiMH AA batteries
  • Recycle time is 3.5 seconds with alkaline batteries and 1.7 seconds with NiMH cells

  • Flash features an audible charge signal

Connectivity: Configured with a 5-pin sync cord connector and a fiber-optic port for connection to an underwater camera housing
  • Fiber-optic connection cables are required and sold separately

Mounting: Straight-base ball mount

Flash Head
  • Angle of Coverage: 105°/110° (with Wide-Angle Adapter)
  • Color Temperature: 5800K
  • Guide Number: 33' / 10.06 m at ISO 100 (on Land)
  • Recycle Time: 1.7 Seconds (NiMH)/ 3.5 Seconds (Alkaline)
  • Secondary Illumination: Modeling Light

Exposure Control: Manual, TTL

  • Depth Rating: 328' / 100 m
  • Wireless Receiver: Yes
  • Battery: 4 x AA Alkaline (Approx. 140 Shots) or 4 x AA NiMH (Approx. 220 Shots)
  • Mounting: 1" Ball Mount, YS Mount
  • Inputs/Outputs: Fiber-Optic Port, Sync Cord/N Connector 5-Pin
  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.4 x 3.6" / 14.73 x 11.18 x 9.14 cm
  • Weight: 21.5 oz / 0.6 kg (without Batteries)

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