VIS/Urban Strap

VIS/Urban Strap

part no. 661-1408-B


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Replace the strap on an Urban Commuter Light with this direct replacement; durable rubber design resists stretching and helps secure light around handlebars.

  • Universal design fits seamlessly with most round handlebars including oversized mountain bike bars
  • Easy tool-free installation with integrated serrated bar pad for enhanced grip
  • Compatible with all Urban commuter bike lights

    Customer Reviews

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    Product Purchase

    Wonderful products and a great customer experience. The shopping process was easy, fast, and enjoyable. Received the part on time as expected. Always a loyal fan!

    Calvin Lee
    Unreal Customer Support

    I have used a L & M Urban 300 since 2012. Initially in Singapore when I rode early in the morning before the sun came up and later in the States where I use it in blinking mode mainly during the day. I ride over 5,000 miles/year and do this using a number of bikes. At least a couple of times a week I am mounting the light on a different bike. Finally last month the strap broke. I wrote L & M and incredibly they comped me a new strap. I finally installed it and my favorite light is back in action. Thanks L & M! Your support and products are awesome!

    J'on Lamont Alexander
    Need a bike light.

    What encouraged to seek a bike light was my 8 mile journey home from Washington, D.C. to Alexandria, Va. there was next to no light g on the bike trail, so I went to my local bike shop and inquired upon a few products. Light motion was recommended at time price was not the issue, quality was important. And this product and the attachments stand with time. I can’t be more impressed versus the other product I see on other individuals bikes. Light motion had downpacked!