Tangle Frame Bag from Revelate Designs
Tangle Frame Bag from Revelate Designs
Tangle Frame Bag from Revelate Designs

Tangle Frame Bag from Revelate Designs


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The legendary Tangle® is the original half frame bag. It offers substantial cargo capacity in a sleek, rectangular shape that fills unused space on your bike. Stash your food, tools, and a mini pump and you're ready for any adventure, big or small. Build quality is second to none, we've obsessed and honed the details for a bag you can rely on for years.

Tangles are great places to store extra water and calories on longer rides. They can usually be run on a bike while keeping access to both water bottle cages (use side entry cages).

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Mark T.
Perfect for the purpose.

Perfect for the purpose.

Alan G.
Go to Bike Bags!!

Love these products, we have several bags that my wife and I used on the Great American Rail Trail; which is still work in progress by the way. :smirk:

Best Bag Ever!

I've used the TANGLE:registered: FRAME BAG so far on different trips over the last two years, from longer trips i.e. through Kenya to quick trips over the weekend. Beside the well thought through design, I'm very happy and convinced about the solid build quality. The bag stays very strong in position and is easy to open and close while riding. The shape is perfect as it never gets too fat to the sides, so my legs never touch the sides while riding. Even if it's heavy loaded. The bag departments are surprisingly large, more that it seems from the outside. I can really recommend this bag to everyone who is looking for a smart, well build and long-lasting frame bag. I'm riding a gravel bike and the bag fits perfectly to the size of my frame.

By the way, I'm also using the SPINELOCK:tm: 10L seat bag, which is the same high quality build and best seat bag I've seen and used so far. I'm so happy with it as it stays so strong connected to the saddle and doesn't move to the sides at all, like many other seat bags do.

Adam S.
The best that I've tried.

I have a Larg eangle frame bag for my Kona Sutra, and it is awesome. I needed something to fit my Cannondale SuperSix for a 'Carbon Tour', and this was perfect.

A 58 cm frame took a Medium size bag, which allowed 2 full size bottles to slide into the rest of the frame. The only size difference between the Large and the Medium I noticed was the pocket for the iPhone inside left, was slightly tighter, and I had to take of the card holder stuck on the back of the phone. Change goes in the rear pocket.

Plenty of room on the other side for lock, pump, tools, and gloves etc.

What I really like is the Zips. These are chunky, solid, but easy to close and open with one hand.

Another primo piece of equipment here.

Stephen R.
Frame Bag

Fits nicely in the frame of my bike. Be sure you order on the small side of things rather than have it too long. Is well made and I appreciate the large zippers.

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