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About Frio:

Frio is in the business of making the little things count. Specializing in cold shoe adapters for photography and videography, Frio stands out for its commitment to simplicity and effectiveness. Their innovative designs ensure secure mounting for lights, microphones, and other essential gear, enhancing the creative experience by eliminating common frustrations. The folks at Frio are clearly in tune with the needs of content creators, focusing on solutions that are not just functional but also reliably secure and easy to use.

Why We Love Frio:

There's a lot to admire about Frio, starting with their straightforward approach to problem-solving. They've taken a look at the clutter and complexity of mounting and managing photography equipment and said, "Let's make this easier." And they have. Their cold shoe mounts are a testament to simplicity doing its job perfectly, ensuring that lights, mics, and monitors stay securely in place, allowing creatives to focus on capturing the perfect shot. It's this blend of practicality and innovation that makes Frio a brand we stand by enthusiastically.

Customer Support

Frio Photo stands behind all of their products. They’re committed to quality and build our products with only the highest quality materials. Their Lifetime Warranty warrants that all Frio products shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and are covered for the life of the product. Wear and tear are not covered under their warranty policy. For specifics, please contact Frio Customer Support at or call +1 877-636-2051.

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