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About Moved By Bikes:

Moved By Bikes was established in 2011 to innovate and craft products that amplify the joy and utility of biking. Their accessories fulfill a purpose that extends what you can do on a bike. Everything is thoughtfully designed by folks who use the gear and choose to bike as a path to a better less impactful life.

Why We Love Moved By Bikes:

They are not the only surfboard carrying accessory, but they clearly have the best set-up. Their extruded tubes feature a keyed channel that makes the rack exceptionally stable. The materials are top rate and should last a long time in sandy salty conditions. They have a clean solution for surfboards and bikes and as a local team we are enthusiastic supporters.

Customer Support

Manufacturer Warranty: For comprehensive details on product warranties, we recommend reaching out directly to Moved By Bikes or checking the product packaging.

Direct Brand Contact Information:

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