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About ProShot:

Based in Massachusetts (USA), the ProShot & Tidal Sports team is a group of ocean advocates who love to snorkel, scuba dive, and explore the underwater world. Founded in 2015, the ProShot housing is a well designed cost effective way to capture underwater images and video using your iPhone.

Why We Love ProShot:

Introducing ProShot

Cost-effective well-engineered housing that makes it easy to get started capturing stunning underwater imagery with your iPhone.

David (Engineering Director) and Anne (Marketing Director/Scuba Instructor) pressure test the ProShot Dive Case at the L&M facility.

ProShot products are backed by a 1-year phone warranty. They got you covered.

Depth rated to 130ft (40m). We put the ProShot Dive Case to test in our own pressure tank at the equivalent of 130ft for 30 mins and the case passed with flying colors.

Why is Light & Motion partnering with ProShot? 

We are impressed with their enthusiasm and focus on the customer. Pairing our lights to their compact iPhone housing brings the quality of the iPhone footage underwater while allowing the user to capture impressive imagery at a low cost.

Customer Support

ProShot provides the best underwater camera technology. The ProShot cases are waterproof down to 130ft/40m, and all include our 12-month iPhone Protection Guarantee.

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