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About SunPaxx:

Step into the vibrant universe of SunPAXX, the brainchild of lifelong pals Diego and Jose. Their journey, spanning almost two decades, has been filled with exhilarating escapades—riding waves, scaling rock faces, and trekking the landscapes of California and Oregon. These adventures, coupled with their infectious zest for life and an evident void in the world of expressive fashion, gave rise to SunPAXX.

Why We Love SunPaxx:

SunPAXX isn't just a brand; it's a rebellion against blandness. Their mission? Reinject that pop of color into our lives. From the loud and proud aesthetics of the retro-paxx to the vibrant hints in the orange-paxx, every piece is a canvas of creativity. They're not just about making a fashion statement, but about letting that inner fire blaze.

What also grabbed our attention is their devotion to detail. SunPAXX designs are crafted with precision. Every waist bag, fanny pack, and backpack is meant to turn heads. Their offerings, screaming fun and flamboyance, are a testament to their free-spirited Californian roots.

But beyond the bold hues and striking designs, there's a genuine soul behind SunPAXX. This California-based indie brand is the embodiment of two buddies who decided to take their shared memories, vibrant personalities, and throw them into the fashion mix. The result? An electrifying fusion of style and sentiment.

Customer Support

Sunpaxx has a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. Have a return related question? You can always contact these lovely folks via email at

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