What I absolutely love about the Reflex S is the power and flexibility of use in such a portable hybrid light. I love being able to use it for constant light and as a strobe. Also, it's the first light I grab with fast action shots. A couple of accessories that I love to use with my Reflex is my Bowen's mount for my soft boxes. Pairing both together, I am able to be very mobile and pack light while I am traveling and keeping the power and versatility of my dramatic lighting.
Tosha Gaines

Reflex S Bowens Kit

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Already own Bowens/Godox softboxes? The Bowens adapter will allow you to connect Reflex to Bowens/Godox softboxes.


  • Small Shoulder Case
  • Reflex S Lighthead and Battery
  • Wide Optic
  • USB-C Cable, 3m
  • 100 watt USB-C AC Power Supply
  • Reflex Professional Light Stand Mount
  • Bowens Light Stand Adapter
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Reflex S Bowens Kit

Customer Reviews

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Chuck Purnell
Fantastic for TV news

I use these lights to light reporters I work with in TV News and often receive compliments on how nice my lighting looks. I absolutely love these lights in my kit!

Lonnie Webb
Must do investment for wedding videographers

The reflex lights are probably one of the best investments I have made for video. Incredible lights! Yeah, they are pricey but you get what you pay for. Every time I use them I am blown away by how much light I get out of such a small compact piece of equipment. With the spot lenses, I feel like I can set up a mile away and still light my subject. It’s incredible! They did it right with these ones.

Ric Lewis
Easy for on the go.

I picked one of these up at The Portrait Masters conference 2022 after seeing it used in a few shooting bays. I've used it at every photoshoot since. I have a few different strobes and modifiers of different shapes, sizes, wattage, etc. I used to travel with a speedlight but I've been traveling with this since I've bought it. Super compact and fits in my bag easily. One charge is good for 15,000 flashes. High speed sync. Works with my Godox trigger. What more could I ask for? I walk around with it and use a white umbrella as a modifier. Super light and easy to work with. Since buying it I've used it as a fill light (especially in sunlight to reduce hard shadows), I've used it as a rim light, and even as a main light. I like to put a gel on mine to mimic the warmth of sunlight. Definitely recommend.

StellaPro Reflex S (& the Great Customer Service that came with it)

I purchased my 1st Stella Flex Pro S in June, after seeing StellaPro Ambassador, Kesha Lambert use it in her Portraits in Motion class at the Unique Photo Expo. Once I heard it worked with the Profoto connect Pro flash trigger, and saw its versatility (to shoot on the go at night, and indoors), I thought it would be a great addition to my lighting system.

At the time of purchase, there were no videos online on Youtube or Vimeo on how to use Profoto Connect Pro. Therefore, I had numerous questions about the interface, settings, battery packs, adaptors, and modifiers. Light and Motion's customer service and support team were terrific. I was fortunate to work with Marketing Manager, Anne and she provided support via phone, email, and even video conference.

There were many nuances because the system is so new, but Anne detailed and made the transition easier. After her assistance I now have (2) Stella Flex Pro S lights, (2) Bowens Light Stand adapters - Improved!, (2) 100 Watt USB-C AC Power Supply (EHO), and (2) 3m USB-C Cables.

I am looking forward to what products, firmware, and overall updates Stella Pro have to offer in the upcoming months and years.

So glad I took the chance

I went back and forth on getting this light. I watch every YouTube video and read every review. With the recent sale I decided to pull the trigger & I could not be happier. While this light will never replace my traditional or on camera strobes ( I do not think they were meant to) They do open up a whole new way of approaching many of my location shoot especially when I am trying to mimic the natural light. Not to mention it plays very nice with my Godox AD200s. The quality of the light & the skin tones it produces is amazing. I do wish it had an on/off switch unplugging the USB C power cable seems a little odd. I do not know if or when I will ever use the 20 frames per second but is has been so nice to just keep shooting and not worry about recycling time. Having been doing this professionally for close to forty years and this is one of those rare product that comes along that gets me excited for the next shoot. Many Thanks to Jeff at Light in motion for not only answering my pre purchase questions by email but for talking the time to call me. Customer service seems to be at the top of his to do list.