Our flagship continuous light

part no. 850-0422-A


Power, punch, and portability in a compact, studio-quality light capable of illuminating anywhere you can shoot. The CLx10 is the choice of on-the-go videographers, while delivering the punch to replace strobes for wedding and portrait photographers.

Two-year warranty

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Softbox 30 inch Octa Beauty by Chimera (1/4 Cloth)
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Softbox 30 inch Octa Beauty by Chimera (1/4 Cloth)
Softbox 30 inch Octa Beauty by Chimera (1/4 Cloth)
Softbox 30 inch Octa Beauty by Chimera (1/4 Cloth)

Softbox 30 inch Octa Beauty by Chimera (1/4 Cloth)


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Amazing light for on location

A lot of times I am on location for shoots. This requires me to have a mobile set up that is easy to put up and take down. The CLx10 gives me the power I need on location and ease to move around quickly to keep the session on time. The Bowens adapter is very useful for attaching my modifiers and the accessories that come with the Imaging Kit give me a great deal of variety when out and about. Love this light!

Best option for constant lights

Really love the brightness level and battery life for these lights. Also the customer service is top notch. Recently had my lights stolen and the VP of marketing reached out himself to help me replace them. Such a great company. Highly recommended.

CLx10 Imaging Kit Almost perfect

This light is almost perfect. Enough power, Info display is beneficial, unlike any continuous light, all the accessories are excellent and love the diversity to choose from. The differences in power output are helpful.
Here are my buts; one Is plastic? So I am worried that if I accidentally drop the light, that may be the end. The charging cable that connects directly to the light is too short to run on direct power instead of the battery.

Stellapro Clx10

I purchased the Stellapro Cx10 light kit over a year ago. I have to say this product is a great tool to have as a photographer. It allows for accurate color from 3k-5k .The modifiers it comes with help create story like photographs in all situations. The lights have opened my eyes to a new style of shooting and allow me to worry less about my light source and focus more on creativity. The customer service you receive from the company is beyond amazing. They are very prompt with answering all my questions and also have helped fix any issues I have run into.

Barbara Ferguson
Love the lights but not too thrilled with the charging cable.

I purchased for work a se of the STELLAPRO 2 LIGHT STORYTELLER KIT

I know this is a common complaint but saying it along with other who have mentioned this in hopes that L&M sees the need for a slight redesign to a fantastic product.

These Lights are fantastic. Able to shoot on the run with ease without looking for an electrical outlet. Very powerful and easy to use and enhances my photographer tremendously. The only issue? The first time I pulled them in to change them up ... the charging cable came falling out and does so every time with even the slightest touch or vibration.

We bought these in September but due to the pandemic, I only got to use them for the first time this week. I read about this same issue from other photographers reviews and sure enough ... it is an issue.

If they hadn't worked so well after the charging process I would have returned them although (I will have to return the one with the extremely loose cable) ... but again beyond the charging issue ... I absolutely love these lights.

But if I was using them as studio lights with the wall plug ... not sure if I would buy them with this issue in mind until they redesign the charging cable light plug system. The slightest tug from the weight of the charging cable pulls the cable right out of the light charging socket. The plug connects is the weakest part of a very detailed lighting design.

I heard some people have even have this same issue when purchasing the "extension" charging able accessory.

With such sleek design for the lighting units, and others response to the same issue, I am surprised Light and Motion did not catch this issue in the design or production stages.

I want to buy a set of these for myself but I hesitate until they fix this issue.

Please address this L&M .... I want a set of these lights for my own photography.

Please! ....

Drop element here!