StellaPro Clx10, continous LED light for photography and videography. Perfect for the hybrid shooter.
StellaPro Clx10, continous LED light for photography and videography. Perfect for the hybrid shooter.
StellaPro Clx10 LED light sideways
StellaPro Clx10 LED light OLED display featuring power and runtime.
StellaPro CLx10 LED light comes with umbrella holder, and it's compatible with Chimera, Profoto and Bowens adapters.
StellaPro CLx10 LED light, battery integrated, no cords.

Our flagship continuous light

part no. 850-0422-A


Power, punch, and portability in a compact, studio-quality light capable of illuminating anywhere you can shoot. The CLx10 is the choice of on-the-go videographers, while delivering the punch to replace strobes for wedding and portrait photographers.

Two-year warranty

Ships Internationally

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StellaPro CLx10


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StellaPro CLx10

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Problem solved!!!! Thanks StellaPro team.

After identifying a defect on the body of my CLX10, I was able to work with the team at StellaPro to resolve the issue. After contacting StellaPro, there was very good communication between the team and myself. Their responses were timely, and we reached an agreeable conclusion. I must say I love these little lights, and the fact that I can use all my Profoto and Bowens mount light modifiers with them. I ended up purchasing another CLX10, and I must say the discount was real and fantastic. I may consider replacing my other strobes with the Reflex models as well. Portable is the way to go!!! Earlier, after my first purchase, StellaPro provided me with a couple of extension cables for my CLX10 at no charge. Much appreciated and it makes a world of difference. Great team!!!

Fascinating light so far. However need more time to evaluate

After testing the light output, and the color temperature, I'm somewhat impressed with these little lights. However I need to test with subjects both in studio and on location before I can fully evaluate.

Amazing light for on location

A lot of times I am on location for shoots. This requires me to have a mobile set up that is easy to put up and take down. The CLx10 gives me the power I need on location and ease to move around quickly to keep the session on time. The Bowens adapter is very useful for attaching my modifiers and the accessories that come with the Imaging Kit give me a great deal of variety when out and about. Love this light!

Best option for constant lights

Really love the brightness level and battery life for these lights. Also the customer service is top notch. Recently had my lights stolen and the VP of marketing reached out himself to help me replace them. Such a great company. Highly recommended.

CLx10 Imaging Kit Almost perfect

This light is almost perfect. Enough power, Info display is beneficial, unlike any continuous light, all the accessories are excellent and love the diversity to choose from. The differences in power output are helpful.
Here are my buts; one Is plastic? So I am worried that if I accidentally drop the light, that may be the end. The charging cable that connects directly to the light is too short to run on direct power instead of the battery.