StellaPro Reflex S. The Continuous Strobe Hybrid that will make beautiful lighting easy. Shoot up 20 FPS, no misfires, no recycle time.
StellaPro Reflex S. The Continuous Strobe Hybrid that will make beautiful lighting easy. Shoot up 20 FPS, no misfires, no recycle time.
Reflex S
Reflex S, feature focused image. Compatible with Ellinchrom, Godox and Profoto triggers.
Reflex S
StellaPro Reflex S is modifier ready. Compatible with Chimera, Bowens and Profoto softboxes.
Reflex S
StellaPro Reflex is compatible with softboxes you already own. Portable and lightweight. Only 1.7 Lbs.
Reflex S

The first true Continuous Strobe Hybrid (CSH)

part no. 850-0522-A


StellaPro Reflex S - The first true Continuous Strobe Hybrid (CSH) light, featuring Digital Burst technology up to 20FPS, with variable Duration Control down to 0.5 ms. One light. Every shot. #FlexYourReflex


Powerful: Up to 6,000 lumens in Continuous Mode and 12,000 in Burst Mode out of battery handle

Up to 9,000 lumens in Continuous Mode and 18,000 in Burst Mode out of 100W power supply

Versatile: Perfect for Wedding, Action/Sports, Portraiture, Adventure, Cinematic, Editorial/News, or Casual lighting 

Adaptable: Instantly switch between Continuous and Digital Burst lighting

Ultra-Portable and Rugged: Less than 2lbs (including the swappable, rechargeable USB-C battery handle), IP65 water resistance, 1-meter impact resistant

Compatible with Elinchrom Quadra mount.

Modifier- and Stand-Ready: Works with a wide array of existing modifiers and light stands, including Chimera softboxes, Spider holsters, and more!

IOS & Android - Application available for product registration and firmware updates

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Ships Internationally

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Power supply NOT included.


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Softboxes DO NOT include a speedring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Great Service and Follow up!

Every interaction has been so professional and thorough. Love the brand, love the lights and love the customer service!

Helpful and quick customer service

I had a few questions regarding my new Stella Pro Reflex S and I got a quick answer from the assistance team and a very attentive follow up from them. They help me understand a problem that I had which was only at the end a lack of menu understanding on my side. They were very nice and make sure all my questions were answered correctly and the problem solve. Very happy to deal with such a great team ! And I love my product more and more!!

Michael Judkins

The Reflex S has been a great addition to my arsenal. I have a diverse client base and shoot everything from headshots to architectural and tabletop. I have found the hybrid Reflex S to be bright, compact, adaptable, and very versatile. The Reflex S, a softbox or umbrella and perhaps a reflector have been all I have usually needed on location. It has become indispensable part of my workflow. Customer service also deserves a mention. It is the best I have encountered in this industry.

Green flash

First off I would like to say that the light is very powerful, well built and compact. When used as a constant light, it’s definitely a bargain when factoring in the power and size. But there are many things that need to change on the unit. I almost returned it if it wasn’t for the small form factor.

I am a wedding photographer and I bought this for hybrid purposes. Godox is my main flash brand. It WILL NOT blend with the color of standard flash units. The stellapro s gives off a greenish/yellow color cast when using this in flash mode, however not in constant mode. I take thousands of photos so I am not about to fix all of my photos for the sake of using this as a flash.

The mount attached to the unit is very cheap plastic, comparable to what you would use in a cheap 3D printer.

The mounts are proprietary forcing you to buy adapters that are also plastic, flimsy and overpriced. That was a huge mistake.

Again, if it wasn’t for its power and size, I would immediately return this. I almost want to give this 2 stars. I am going to make an in-depth video review of this unit.

Chuck Purnell
Fantastic for TV news

I use these lights to light reporters I work with in TV News and often receive compliments on how nice my lighting looks. I absolutely love these lights in my kit!