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Reflex Studio

Continuous Strobe Hybrid LED Light - Studio

part no. 850-0525-A


StellaPro Reflex Studio - Our Continuous Strobe Hybrid (CSH) LED light. The ultra-compact Reflex Studio LED light features the perfect set up for studio work along with Digital Burst technology up to 10FPS, with variable Duration Control down to 0.5 ms.

Battery handle NOT included. Must be purchased separately. 


Digital Burst™ technology up to 10FPS to 18,000 Lumens.

Continuous power up to 9,000 Lumens.

Digital Burst™ duration control down to 0.5ms.

One button switch from Continuous to Digital Burst™

Ultra-Portable and Rugged: Less than 1lbs, IP65 water resistance, 1-meter impact resistant

Compatible with Elinchrom Quadra mount.

Modifier & Stand-Ready: Works with a wide array of existing modifiers and light stands, including Chimera soft boxes, Spider holsters, and more!

IOS - Application available for product registration and firmware updates

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Ships Internationally

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Softboxes DO NOT include a speedring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love these lights for modern content.

Portrait photographer who also occasionally records some video for clients I am usually indoors where I can control the lighting to how my client wants. With the Reflex Studio it has been really amazing to have the digital burst for photographs, even with softboxes there is enough power. But then to just switch over to constant light for video clips using the same softboxes/optics/umbrellas has been very useful for faster production.

Great lights for video - Compact and Powerful.

So these are pretty bright and decent lights to use for reception hall for your video filming. These compact lights are excellent to travel with for those out of state events where lugging your 200w fresnel lighting setup can be a hassel.
I will highly recommend having a Wide angle lens attachment in bag for banquet halls that are small and you want a more wider spread of light to cover head table and dance floor. Comes with Medium optic which is great for a 1000 to 1200 sq ft dance floor or larger wedding stages.
Portability, power and quality is unmatched for the Reflex, I am using them for video so I cant say for the photos.
I usually do a two light setup at the banquet hall and use the Elinchrom RF Skyport Controller to control these lights remotely, works perfect to change light intensity based on filming situation.

Excellent product

How many flashes out there can shoot at 20 fps at full power with no recycle time? And with high shutter speeds! I know of two brands and own them both. This flash has a superior build quality and consistent light quality in a small package. It is a medium power strobe so no you are not going to be matching the exposure of the sun on a bright day at high noon. If that is your primary purpose keep moving. However you can use it for Fill light at that time. If you shoot in the mid mornings and early evening this will work for you and indoors of course. The price is premium. When they are on sale the price seems fair. The ability to just use s USB power supply to run it is crazy amazing. I now own 5 of their lights so I guess I like them. Customer service is great. I am excited to see what innovations come next.


This is a very good product

Need to improve

I like they idea of that product and i bought it because of payed advertising by expert photographer but in practical way and price tag need more improvement, may be perfect for video but not have enough power as digital flash.