Taz 1200 Summit Silver
Taz 1200 Summit Silver
Taz 1200 Summit Silver

Taz 1200 Summit Silver

part no. 856-0726-A


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Quick Specs
  • Beam Angle (spot): 25°
  • Water Depth Rating: 1 Meter
  • Impact Resistance: 1 Meter
  • Max Output: 1200 Lumens
  • Runtime on High: 90 Min
  • Weight: 216 grams
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Get this Taz 1200 cosmetic blem at a discount! We unfortunately mislabeled these bodies as Taz 800 lights (discontinued) with laser etching, but instead of wasting them, we decided to up-cycle into discounted Taz 1200s! These are fully function Taz 1200 lights except the etching on the outside has been replaced by a Taz 1200 decal. Get the Taz, the unrivaled cross-over light, at the lowest price we've ever offered it! This is the perfect combination of high-power in a compact, battery integrated design for both road and trail adventure.

  • 1200 Lumen Output certified to the FL-1 Standard with high powered CREE LED array
  • Custom engineered reflector/optics provide wide reaching beam pattern close up with a powerful penetrating spot beam further out
  • Advanced electronics regulates power to keep lumen output from rapidly fading to ensure you have powerful illumination during an entire ride
  • One-touch 'Race Mode' enables riders to conveniently toggle between high and medium output to focus on the trail ahead
  • Accurate battery status indication illuminates the power button with three different colors to clearly display remaining runtime with 4 levels
  • Innovative amber side lighting increases overall visibility on the road and can be turned off for trail riding
  • Mount to a handlebar with a simple but thoughtfully designed strap that cinches light to bar to prevent movement in bumpy terrain
  • Waterproof design provides all-weather reliability and long-term assurance Taz will hold up to all riding conditions
  • Micro USB fast charge technology will fully charge the battery in 3.5 hours
  • Lumins Output: High (1200), Medium (600), Low (300), Pulse (300)
  • Charge time: 210 Min
  • Beam Angle: 25° (spot)
  • IP Rating (FL-1): 67
  • Depth Rating (FL-1): 1 meter
  • Impact Resistance (FL-1): 1 meter
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: True
  • Product Dimensions: 2" x 1.8" x 4.2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nater Kane
Worked for about 18 months, then the battery stopped taking a charge

when it worked, it was decent, though the mounting options were limited for this bright but bulky light. light pattern was good, but useful runtime (for actually seeing where you're going safely) was 60-70 minutes.

when the battery stopped taking a charge, I found out this was one of the few models that due to its lack of plastic, can not be disassembled to have its internal rechargeable batteries replaced.

I used this lamp for 5 or 6 night rides, and now it's a brick. that's $20-25 per use (give or take).

I would have loved to replace this under some sort of warranty, but by the time I realized the battery (and lamp) was no longer working, the warranty period was up.

I no longer trust this brand

Robert Kehl
Still works great after 2 years

I made a premature judgement on my last review. I was charging by my computer port and it was not getting a full charge. I did direct to outlet and it works great. Very bright and I can ride at full speed and see everything. I use it for daytime also because most accidents happen from the front.

Robert Kehl
Worked great for 2 years

After 2 years it started to flicker out during a night rides in the park. Reliable is questionable. I also did not like the attachment band. It’s either too tight or loose.

Great light

The lumens were perfect for fast and fun trail riding at night. The beam spread allowed for clear visibility around corners.

D K351
Nice light

This is a very bright light. Does everything they claim.
Very nice option for those that don't want to have a separate battery pack.

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