The day I started using continuous lightning is the day I found true freedom as an artist....Freedom to capture my clients portrait/story/journey more authentically. It was as though I had gained the sun, the perfect light, as my best friend... I turn my lights on, up or down and the rest of the session is focused on connection, storytelling and the beautiful process of expression. All the space in my brain and soul is completely devoted to art and being present in the moment and truly connecting with my client vs.  the technicalities of strobes, cords and numbers... Thank you Light & Motion for changing my life and helping impact my clients legacy. What a game changer. You truly make this world a brighter place. ~ Andrea Calvery

My passion is to capture your beauty from the inside out. My desire is that when you see your portraits a new manifest of self love, self value, strength and brilliance will go with you forever and that your life will be a beacon of love. 
Andrea Calvery woman dancing in rain with red skies red dress dramatic lighting

Andrea Calvery blond wavy hair woman with torches dramatic lighting 
Andrea Calvery portrait of little boy with jeans and grey jacket chin resting on hand