Jeremy Chan is a Master Photographer/artist who is based in San Francisco, California.  Jeremy’s passion for fine art and creativity has helped him refine a unique vision which embraces the timeless artistry. By mixing fine art and graphic design in his image making, he helps his clients create one of a kind timeless images which express their love story and wedding story for generations to come.

Jeremy is a Microsoft and Fujifilm sponsored Photographer. Within his 15 years of photography career, he had won over 70+ international photographic awards. Including gaining the title of WPPI Accolade of Photographic Mastery (APM) and WPPI Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement (AOPA).

Jeremy’s positive attitude, ambition and will to take up any new challenges led him to become one of the most popular International wedding photographers. Which allows him to travel around the world to help his client to create amazing storytelling wedding images. 

Jeremy Chan bridal portrait bride laying on fancy bench in decorative room
Jeremy Chan bride in wedding dress sitting at yellow cart on stairs holding yellow box yellow parasol
Jeremy Chan portrait of Elvis and Marylin Monroe impersonators on pool table billiards table Elvis holding stick
Jeremy Chan portrait of man and woman kissing in tea room vintage
Jeremy Chan portrait of man and woman man smoking cigarette
Jeremy Chan portrait of man and woman on stairs
Jeremy Chan portrait of red headed woman wearing blue jacket and dress and black beret pouty expression
Jeremy Chan portrait of woman at night wearing green sleeveless dress with Roman Colosseum
Jeremy Chan portrait of woman in white dress in green room reading book oval mirror red hair
Jeremy Chan portrait of man and woman wearing red dress reflection in mirror
Jeremy Chan portrait of woman laying on bench with city lights in background