Ric Lewis is an internationally published photographer
specializing in creative portraits, underwater portraits, boudoir,
and high fashion. Ric has a degree in electronic engineering.
This knowledge pushed him to start using StellaPro as his main
lighting solution due to ingenuity, quality of the products, and
high output in such a small footprint.
Ric is the principal photographer for Kayla Douglas Artistry as
well as co-creator in the patented design. Ric loves connecting
with others. When he’s not taking pictures, he loves teaching
workshops on retouching, lighting, posing, and underwater

Ric_Lewis_BW Image of black woman and white man

Ric_Lewis Bride Underwater

Ric_Lewis_woman in orange brown dress at bar

Ric_Lewis_woman in yellow dress in desert

Ric_Lewis_2 women in red and orange dress with wings

Ric_Lewis_woman in white dress with wings sitting on stool

Ric_Lewis_woman in wedding dress with veil and blue sky

Ric_Lewis_woman in mauve dress with wings in adorned scene