GoPro Mount, Seca

GoPro Mount, Seca

part no. 804-0237-A


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Looking for endless mounting options for your Seca trail light? Attach this GoPro interface which is compatible with a variety of third party mounting options including GoPro mounts integrated into popular trail helmets.

  • GoPro Interface compatible with a variety of GoPro mounting options
  • Provides a sleek and low profile setup, especially on helmets
  • Replaces the stock handlebar mount on light; GoPro base mount or thumbscrew not included

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Great upgrade

    I bought this as an upgrade to the strapped helmet mount. It provides more stability, without the "floppy" effects of the strap. It would be REALLY nice if L&M included this with the Seca lights, because at $10 alone, it's not expensive, but at $20 (with shopping) it makes you think twice.

    If you are using a strap mount on your helmet, I highly recommend using some double sided body shop tape (or a Gopro adhesive strip) under the base. It strengthens the connection significantly.

    Mike Bobelak
    Works , but could be better.

    Mount works as it should , but only in a solo configuration. If you are trying to mount on the underside of a “ out front “ bracket you will need an additional stand off piece to get the light away enough to clear your computer.
    Fortunately I have some old school go pro mount parts , and got it on.

    tabs are too thin

    tried 3 different mounts, fits loosely. had to use an allen key bolt instead of the standard go pro thumb screw to get it tight enough to not slip up and down when hitting bumps. the phillips screw that holds the mount to the light is also not very snug and its easy to turn side to side, though while riding that has not proven to be an issue.