StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit
StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit
StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit
StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit
StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit
StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit

StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit

part no. 850-0495-A


Double the lights, double the power: two CLx10 lights dramatically expands the freedom to shoot any location in any conditions. The 2 Light Storyteller Kit integrates essential light shaping modifiers, power supply, and remote control for wireless operation all packed into the included shoulder case for the ultimate in two-light portability. Compatible with Chimera modifiers. TSA approved for carry-on or checked luggage, so no excess baggage fees or hassles at the airport.

Two-year warranty

Ships Internationally

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
So good that I bought more!

I bought two of the CLx10's about four months ago and have loved them so much that I just bought three more CLx10's,  so now I have five!  If that doesn't tell you everything that you need to know about how good these lights are,  nothing will!  Thanks Stella for making such a great product and I'm looking forward to many years of use on my gigs!  :)

Best continuous light in the game

Love this light for indoors, outdoors and any shoot I go oh. Versatile, compact, and well made.

Kevin May
Love these lights!

I got a couple of the CLx10's to have in my video bag when I don't have enough room to bring my other larger video lights. I can put these an a couple of accessories into a small Pelican case and everything fits in nice and neat. I've used these on an outdoor video shoot for a person and just wanted to add a little fill for the shadows. I was impressed with the power and also the adjustability of the intensity of the lights. Small and compact, yet very powerful and perfect for my kind of work! I can't wait to use them again and now knowing what I have at my disposal, it makes me feel a lot more confident when I'm shooting outdoors! :)

The little light that could

I just received two of these lights and I couldn’t be happier. After 5 days outside in the ice and rain with Weather Channel, I discovered that this powerful light was perfect for any outdoor situation. The battery kept going for an entire shift at any level of output and the range of output provided the perfect balance for sunshine or nighttime. I would definitely recommend this light.

Problem solved!!!! Thanks StellaPro team.

After identifying a defect on the body of my CLX10, I was able to work with the team at StellaPro to resolve the issue. After contacting StellaPro, there was very good communication between the team and myself. Their responses were timely, and we reached an agreeable conclusion. I must say I love these little lights, and the fact that I can use all my Profoto and Bowens mount light modifiers with them. I ended up purchasing another CLX10, and I must say the discount was real and fantastic. I may consider replacing my other strobes with the Reflex models as well. Portable is the way to go!!! Earlier, after my first purchase, StellaPro provided me with a couple of extension cables for my CLX10 at no charge. Much appreciated and it makes a world of difference. Great team!!!