"Easy to breathe and extremely lightweight; Nex makes breathing underwater feel second nature!"

- Anne De Souza: Scuba Instructor, Light & Motion Marketing Director

About Nex Underwater Products:

Assembled by experienced divers in Monterey, California, Nex designs innovative, sophisticated underwater products that put divers in control.

Why We Love Nex Underwater Products:

Jared Berg, Owner/Founder of Nex Underwater Products, explains what sets Nex apart

Nex Underwater Products have been awarded  “Best Buy 2023” and “Testers Choice 2022” from ScubaLab in addition to impressive endorsements from professional divers around the world. We love them because their design philosophy mirrors ours; well engineered, well supported, with a shared commitment to minimize their environmental footprint.

Two things that make Nex regulators special

First- exceptional quality top to bottom; from balanced air flow to superior internal materials, built to perform. 

Second- Modular design that lets you future proof your system.  

Why is Light & Motion partnering with Nex? 

We are committed to curating the best products in the industry for our customers. Nex is a talented team making exceptional products that we love, plus they share our commitment to US manufacturing and exceptional service.

Customer Support

If you need help or have any questions about Nex Underwater products, you’re welcome to contact the Light & Motion crew at seva@lightandmotion.com or call Nex Underwater Products at (831) 747-1606.

Replacement Parts and Servicing

Nex Underwater Products provides after-sales service and replacement parts.