Hello, my name is Corey Hilliard. I began cycling my first year of college as a commuter. That first summer, I fell in love with thrashing around in the mud on trails in my hometown of Philadelphia.
I became a bicycle messenger as a way to both make money and enjoy being on the bike every day. That led to joining a racing club, promoting road events and the Cycle Messenger World Championships!
I continued to race after moving to New York City, the Mecca for bike messengers. In the giant media market, I encountered generous sponsors for my racing. In 2015, Sealskinz helped me travel to the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Victoria BC where I was crowned Fixed Gear World Champion.
Upon returning to Brooklyn, I created a charity for kids at my local gym. Ride for the Future has been happening annually since then. I also began promoting grassroots events called Not So Friendly Laps. Despite the name it is a great way for newer riders to learn the basics of race tactics and meet other local riders. They always happen just after sunset. Helmets, lights and a good attitude are the only requirements.
I am still passionate about cycling. I race gravel, some ultra endurance events, and have been working on Cordefrance, a 3 week imitation of the real tour in Europe.
I am not sure what the future holds, but I will continue to ride and support those willing to get involved in my favorite sport.