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Dax Massey


My first bike was a 16" Raleigh and I perfected my skid on that bike. I moved on to a 20" Schwinn with a banana seat and worked at perfecting the jump. I still haven't perfected that one. I didn't get my first real mountain bike until my senior year of college and somewhere in between there I rallied an old Mongoose scooter. Remember those?

I have always loved the freedom I felt when on a bicycle; free to explore new trails or roads and nothing but the thoughts in your head and the breeze in your face. I still ride for that freedom but I also ride for the speed and competition and the quest to push my limits to new levels. This year I rode the Colorado Trail Race and I will do that again. It was wonderful adventure and amazing experience.

I really enjoy mtb stage racing, having been fortunate to do the TransRockies three times, the Breck Epic twice and the Transylvania Epic twice. I hope to race the BC Bike race someday and also race and ride on another continent. I guess if you count SS Worlds in South Africa last year then I've done that, but more succinctly, I'd like to explore another country on a bike(#touring). I want to do more 24-hour racing in the future too because these events are so much fun. I love the selflessness and willingness of most competitors to rise above their own personal accomplishments and go out of their way to make someone else's experience better and that tends to be the overall vibe at 24-hour events as well as stage racing. You're sharing this experience with many other people, so why not make it a positive one. I guess the same holds true for this life we live. Enjoy the ride!

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