I strive to be a professional underwater photographer and filmmaker. My passion for undersea photography took me worldwide on a journey of exploration within the subaquatic world. My goal is to bring awareness and appreciation for the amazing underwater realm. Furthermore, as a massive advocate for conservation efforts, I am always searching for ways to enlighten the general public with the truth about the environmental problems our oceans are facing in this era.

I grew up in Lebanon, around the Mediterranean waters, where I held so much affection for the ocean from an early age. Later in life, while working within the private sector in Saudi Arabia, I discovered Scuba Diving as I was near the Red Sea. I became a PADI dive instructor in 2015 but found my love of scuba diving symbolized more by imagery than by teaching. So I capture the things I love through my lens and try to convey every emotion in my photographs. I love playing with light underwater, especially when using the Light & Motion lights, as they produce such a smooth and steady flicker-free beam that can do wonders with photo production.

John El Khoury Manta Ray