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Marco Amselem


Marco Amselem was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in 2010 he moved to San Diego, California, a place he now calls home. Marco share his time between family, training, and competing.  His day job is his work as an accomplished videographer.

Marco has been racing AR for over 10 years but his passion for sports began when he was kid. In 2008 he decided to start focusing on something that was beneficial to several sports in his life. Adventure Racing is his fascination. The complexity of this sport challenges him like no other. It is a sport where the mind’s strength needs to be much stronger than the physical. Marco races on the Adventure Race Team Columbia Vidaraid

The Vidairad Team is an international Adventure Racing Team based in USA and Spain. It is comprised of four athletes who also individually compete in mountain biking, ultra trail running, xterra triathlon, kayaking and every type of orienteering race.

The team competes in the toughest races around the Globe and has over 10 podium finishes in the Adventure Race World Series . In 2014 he and his team won 1st Place in the Adventure Race World Ranking, a spot they held for 2 consecutive years. 

Marco has abilities in several sports and his commitment, motivation and personality drives his Team forward.

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