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Shelton Du Preez


Shelton is a Canadian-born, South African-raised, award-winning ocean expedition cameraman.
His passion for adventure and storytelling has guided him to a life full of experiences, meaning and purpose above and below the water. He strives to inspire those around him to do the same. He has gained extensive underwater experience since he was a child, from advanced free diving to certified divemaster on scuba and years of filming on rebreather.
He discovered his filmmaking path while on expedition in the Canadian Arctic near the end of his 10-year career as private yacht crew. During that decade, he was fortunate enough to have sailed to some of the most remote locations in the world gaining knowledge and connections, which then allowed him to transition straight into documenting these kinds of journeys and the wildlife found there.
Since then, filmmaking and photography have been his entire focus, primarily for private yacht exploration, ocean conservation assignments, and deep sea science research expeditions that have taken him to places like Antarctica, Svalbard, French Polynesia, Maldives, and Greenland.

He has shot many expeditions for ocean conservation organization SeaLegacy extensively throughout the Bahamas, Panama, Galapagos, and Baja documenting the underwater natural beauty and conservation efforts of the local communities, scientists, and governments. His work with deep sea science research is an important aspect of his career, working with the Canadian Government, and NGOs such as Schmidt Ocean Institute and Ocean Exploration Trust. In addition to his filmmaking career, Shelton is an MCA 3000 gross-ton yacht captain.

The adventure is always special, but a true sense of accomplishment is achieved when connecting these places, animals, and communities to the rest of the world through beautiful imagery and compelling storytelling.








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