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Terry Flanagan


Terry Flanagan is a photographer and active duty member of the military. Based on Oahu, he first discovered his love for the ocean and its inhabitants in 2018 when he arrived on the island and went on his first dive. A certified dive master and free diver, he finds his passion in documenting as much of the underwater world as he can, from his fellow divers to the myriad wildlife, particularly sharks, a species which he is particularly fond of protecting. His photography stems from his desire to share the underwater world with those who may otherwise not be fortunate enough to experience it. When he isn’t photographing and swimming with sharks, he can be found lurking at intimidating depths on just a breath-hold, capturing images of some of the many talented free divers that have begun to climb the ranks of Oahu’s steadily growing apnea community.

Terry Flanagan diver and pod of dolphins swimming near seafloor

Terry Flanagan spotted eagle ray swimming near reef

Terry Flanagan sea turtles swimming with fish

Terry Flanagan three tiger sharks swimming near surface

Terry Flanagan woman in dress floating underwater near seafloor

Terry Flanagan two stingrays swimming in dark water

Terry Flanagan diver blowing air rings

Terry Flanagan sea turtle swimming

Terry Flanagan dolphin pod swimming along seafloor

Terry Flanagan hermit crab underwater in sand

Terry Flanagan diver and tiger shark

Terry Flanagan two divers and sea turtle on reef




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