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Ellie Burgueno Chico


Ellie B Chico is a self taught photographer from Los Angeles Ca. currently living in Riverside Ca. She has been in the business for over 13 years. She runs the business Ellie Burgueno Photography and is a loyal Canon and Magmod user. 

Photography inspires her to create unique and inspiring images to provoke the viewer’s imagination and bring forth a passion or emotion. 

Ellie specializes in Creative Portrait & Wedding Photography, but is most inspired by adding unique touches of off camera flash and color turning an average photo into dramatic wall art, like her well known Flying Dress masterpieces. Her published and multi-award winning photography has captured the attention of many, including sponsors like Canon, Magnetmod, StellaPro and many more ambassadorships. In recent years, Ellie has taken on the coveted role as a speaker and educator for workshops and photo walks hosted and sponsored by Canon. She is now hosting her personal “The LenSpiration” workshops as well. Through that experience she has a new-found joy for photography. Her extensive knowledge and skills allow her to be a great mentor to other photographers and give back to the community she loves so much. A piece of advice that she likes to offer, is that the best investment is the one you spend on yourself. Practice your craft as much as you can. 

Ellie Burgueno Chico_woman in yellow dress with yellow balloons

Ellie Burgueno Chico_pregnant mother with wings and daughter

Ellie Burgueno Chico_wedding couple with LOVE sign and rainbow

Ellie Burgueno Chico_black man with wings

Ellie Burgueno Chico_woman in flying blue dress

Ellie Burgueno Chico_woman with red theme and candles

Ellie Burgueno Chico_couple in wedding attire Pasadena

Ellie Burgueno Chico_bride in outdoor church area


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