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Capturing Group Images in Low Light

Scott Robert Lim | Champion of Light

"I love how the Reflex S is small and portable, yet delivers unequaled, clean powerful light. It's revolutionary."

Scott Robert Lim, an international master photographer and Sony Artisan with over 20 years of experience in wedding photography, shares his passion for telling love stories through cinematic wedding photography. He believes that the key to creating stunning wedding images lies in great lighting. That’s what separates seasoned professionals from novice photographers.

"The problem with a wedding is it’s totally unpredictable and can be very chaotic and stressful if you don’t know what you're doing. So how do I take an unpredictable and potentially chaotic situations and consistently create good imagery?"

"The solution is very simple.. when the lighting is lacking in my environment, I use my StellaPro Reflex to quickly and easily create great lighting for me when I need it. What’s the result - consistently great lighting in every wedding situation, helping me create the love story, I want to tell."

It is quite common that the couple will ask you to take group shots with their guests. You can use an on camera flash but that type of light tends to look, as they say “flashy” and not natural. I love using soft light and the Reflex makes it easy for me to do this while walking around the reception area. I don’t have to carry a lot of bulky and cumbersome light stands. I fire a Reflex up at the ceiling. The reflected light is beautiful and soft. It flatters my subjects with beautiful off-camera lighting. I usually set my ISO to around 800 or higher and use a low f-stop like 2.8. The 24-70 lens is perfect for these types of photos.

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