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The StellaPro Chronicles with Jason Rivera


StellaPro’s Content Creator, Michael Williams, recently had the opportunity to join Los Angeles-based Photographer Jason Rivera during an editorial photoshoot at his new 1500sqft creative studio!

“Jason welcomed me with a tour of his new studio (Studio Stupendous), highlighting the hard work and dedication it took to finally own a studio of his own after 10+ years in the industry. Before the model arrived, I sat down with Jason and introduced him to our flagship light, the CLx10. Before this collaboration, Jason was only familiar with our bike line of lights. In addition to the many creative roles he takes on, Jason is also an avid cyclist. This cycling background connected us with his work and now newly formed friendship. The spark in his eyes once I explained to him the capabilities of the light is a look I’ll never forget. I could see the wheels in his creative mind turning a million miles per hour as he thought of every possible way to incorporate this light into his workflow. Once the model arrived, Jason switched in photographer mode and created magic.”

How did you get started with photography?

Jason Rivera is a Southern California native who started photography documenting cycling culture at age 19. During his mid twenty’s he left the united states and traveled the many parts of the globe to focus on a photo book project named “Meet Me In”. When He came back to the states, The decision was made to focus on photography full-time. This venture led him to shoot many different independent and commercial campaigns, from look books, product photography, portraiture, and inevitably fashion photography.

Jason Rivera - Model in blue dress

Why do you love photography?

My love for fashion photography stems from my vast knowledge of Japanese comic books and graphic novels named Manga. The Mangaka (comic artists) that truly move me are the ones that illustrate people in an androgynous style, like Hirohiko Araki or even Masashi Kishimoto to an extent. I try to emulate those references when it comes to my personal work.

Jason Rivera - model in black dress

What was your experience with StellaPro Lights?

After Michael introduced me to the lights, I was able to use them for a few of my fashion editorial shoots. To begin, The color balance was by far one of the best in the industry, during post-production I had very little need to color correct. The fact that the light units are small, wireless, and Bowen’s mount compatible I was able to work alone without assistance to have a seamless workflow. Lastly, During a magazine cover shoot for Gmaro Magazine, I paired the Stella CLx10 with the 25° Fresnel Lens, 82mm giving me an amazing spotlight on my subject. The photos ended up on the cover of their November 2021 issue. Overall, the lights worked beyond my expectations.

Jason Rivera - model in red dress

What are your plans for the future in your career?

My future in photography has led to a fork in the road. I will either focus more on my community photography studio and work on ways to educate/open opportunities for the youth who are trying to enter my field or focus on becoming a Director of Photography and continue my pursuit of making art every day. Who knows I might be crazy enough to do both.

Jason Rivera - model in black dress with CLx10

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