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Sola Battery Bulletin

As the market leader in ultra compact powerful lights and the inventor of the category, we have never wavered from our commitment to tightly integrating the battery into the lights. The overwhelming reason is safety. Our integrated design gives us the ability to tightly control all aspects of battery charging. Charging stresses the battery and if not carefully monitored and regulated can lead to critical failures.

We have an impeccable safety record with lithium ion products produced in our California factory since the very first Sola, launched in 2009.

We use premium cells, Japanese (Panasonic) and Korean (LG) built lithium ion batteries, because they are market proven and reliable. Less expensive “Chinese cells” are prolific, but battery safety issues have been so severe in China’s battery factories that all battery manufacturers were required to relocate out of populated areas in Shenzhen into areas within Dongguan prefecture.

We design our charge circuit in compliance with charging specifications from Panasonic and LG to ensure all lights charge safely, regulating throughout the entire process, including thermal management and over-current protection. Our premium lights have the charge circuit integrated into the light itself so the battery and charger can never be separated. Our entry price point lights have a custom designed external charger that is keyed to the specific light body making it the only charger the light will work with. We don’t stop there, all our lights are certified to pass a 1 meter drop on concrete. The drop test ensures that the circuit will not be compromised from impacts. Additionally we 100% discharge/charge and pressure-tank test each light before shipping out of our facility.

We advise our friends and partners to refrain from selling or using lights with removable high power lithium ion packs. There is a reason that the IATA, UN protocol and TSA place severe limits on the transport of lithium ion batteries outside of devices. Most commercial warehouse operations severely restrict, and in many cases do not allow the stocking of lithium ion batteries.

Travel, dive, and light with confidence.

Daniel Emerson
Light & Motion

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