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Wedding Photographers Love Continuous Lights


Wedding photography can be very demanding. Hauling around heavy gear, multiple batteries, cameras, stands, and lights can be exhausting before the big event even begins.


Wedding photographers have to move with speed and grace to capture every important moment of their client's wedding day. Having tools that are lightweight, reliable, and can be handheld means that the photographer can spend more time engaged with the wedding party and let his/her eye decide what is the perfect scene to capture.

In the photo below Dina Douglass sets up a photograph with celebrity make up artist, Tamanna Roashan, at the Wedding Show for the Modern Bride by Wedding Store 24.  "Setup was handheld, high angle. This is how easy it is to use Stella lights to create stunning portraiture when you only have access to someone for a few seconds at a crowded event" related Dina. "The CL 5000 Classic light enabled me to bypass the more complicated strobe setup."

Light & Motion lights are also extremely versatile.

Stella Lights Modifers

They are designed with multiple portable modifiers (a 50 degree optic, barn doors,  and can adapt to a bevy of premium modifiers: Profoto, Elinchrom, Chimera, SpinLight 360), they also have multiple mounts, and power options to offer wedding photographers a light that can be easily modified, hand or stand mounted, and can operate completely untethered off its internal battery. The fully waterproof rating of the IP68 lights also gives photographers confidence to add lighting in any location/weather!  The 120-degree native beam ensures that wedding photographers can shoot stills and video and not worry about running into the edge of the light.  An advanced COB (Chip on Board) LED delivers a clean beam that renders color accurately and consistently providing excellent images "straight out of the camera"! 

Good lighting is what gives shape, dimension, and detail to wedding photographs/video. Light & Motion Continuous Lights provide wedding photographers an important tool to create beautiful photographs/video with powerful, continuous lighting that is super convenient and easy to use.

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