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We are reaching out to you today, our Light & Motion partners, customers and friends, to recognize that in working together for good, we all have the wisdom and strength to protect the health and well-being of our communities, families, employees, and businesses.

This is a time to appreciate our deep interconnectedness and commitment to each other. It is a time to listen, be kind and help each other: to act where action is needed and to support being still where stillness is needed. We know that everyone is or will be affected by the unprecedented changes happening around us. Our families, homes and communities are at the top of our list and you are all included as a part of us. May everyone’s light shine to guide us along the path ahead.

At our Light & Motion facility in Monterey County, California, we’ve changed our workplace practices to follow the CDC’s guidance, including work from home, social distancing and deep cleaning of our office space and in-house manufacturing facility. We have decentralized our teams and taken steps to ensure continued production to support our law enforcement, government, military, and health care partners in this emergency. Our Marketing team has been busy creating more virtual support tools for you, providing many options for product knowledge, information sharing and training.

Our local manufacturing capabilities mean we have products available. We’ve been working closely with our supply chain partners, planning ahead, and we

are stocked and prepared for the long-haul. You can count on Light & Motion to be here for you when you need us. Should you need any product urgently, reach out to We will act fast to get you supported in the field.

Take care and please be in touch.

The Light & Motion Team

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