6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack
6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack

6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack

part no. 804-0065-B


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Never run out of battery power with this high capacity 56 WHr Li-Ion battery pack. Designed for use in any condition, the compact pack with proprietary Light & Motion connection, becomes fully sealed when a power cable is attached. Rubber grooves and included velcro strap allows the battery to be secured to a frame, pole, or even stashed in a pocket or pack. Recharging is simple with the Light & Motion Mini L Charger (not included).

  • Battery pack integrates seamlessly with Seca and Imjin lights. CL and Sola imaging lights require light specific dongle (sold separately).
  • Mini-L Charger fully charges the battery pack in 5 hours
  • Includes velcro mounting strap
  • Battery Pack Weight: 363 g (12.8 oz)
  • Battery Strap Weight: 13 g (0.4 oz)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Bought my ARC LiOn light in 2004

    I have been super happy with my light. Bought in 2004 and used for night riding on the North Shore Mtn trails. It still takes a charge today. Just tested it and it ran for over an hour on high after 20 years. Need a new batter, but super happy with it still. Super bright!

    Julian Pruggmayer
    Such a short shelf life

    I bought my light about 3 years ago. It has had minimal use yet the battery no longer charges. This is a great product but at such an outrageous price I could not recommend it. A replacement charger is circa £80.00 GBP. Someone is being very very greedy and sticking 2 fingers up to the cycling community.

    Michael Ile
    Powerful battery

    This battery pack provides several hours of light. Peace of mind for long rides.

    Give your Lights extra life

    Easily mountable on bike frame or stored in framebag or backpack, gives your lights almost twice the run time over the 3 cell, or if going Epic carry one as a spare.

    Mike O'Hagan
    Great battery, long life.

    This is a replacement battery for the battery that came with a Seca 1400 light I bought in January of 2014. It was not until this November/December of 2020 I noticed the 2014 battery was only holding a charge for about 40-60 minutes, depending on how cold it was. Until then, the 2014 battery performed well. I had dropped it on my garage floor more than a few times, and it was used probably 4 to 5 times per week, year round. Functionally, the plug receptacle is great. Additionally, the Velcro supplied with the battery does a great job of tightly holding the battery to my frame. So, hoping the replacement performs as well as the original. I will keep the 2014 battery as a spare.

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