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About Cheetah Stand:

Cheetah Stand is for the Creator on the Go. Their best in class auto collapse light stand system and quick set up modifiers are designed for photographers and videographers to spend less time with setup allowing creators to do what they do best, CREATE!

Why We Love Cheetah Stand:

Learn about the Cheetah Stand (8 foot version displayed here)

Cheetah Stand Automatic Light Stands are insanely fast and we think they should be a standard part of your photography or videography kit.  Designed with creatives in mind that think and work quickly, they are the perfect addition to a mobile off-camera light kit solution.  There are so many reasons that if you do not have Cheetah Stands you might be missing moments or shots.  And if you're a new wedding or portrait photographer or videographer shopping around for a light stand for your lights (hopefully StellaPro) - we believe this might be one of your best purchases!

With an Automatic Cheetah Stand Light Stand, you'll be much more inclined to keep using your off camera flash even when your schedule is tight.  And if all of your images look just a little better because you were able to continue doing off-camera flash for your images, these lead to an incredible portfolio overall - and that is the key difference in how small processes can have big changes on your images and ultimately a better product for your clients.

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