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About Gregory Packs:

Gregory is a storied brand founded in 1977 by Wayne Gregory, a dreamer with a passion: to design a backpack for a lifetime of adventures. He pioneered new suspension systems that work with your body, paid relentless attention to pack fit, and invented new construction techniques. The culture around fit, pioneering innovation, and deep love for everything outdoors persists today.

Why We Love Gregory Packs:

They are not the flashiest brand, but their consistent dedicated approach to building great products comes through in spades when you use their gear. Daniel, our CEO, has been using their rolling bags for many years and recently started using their hydration packs for mountain biking and their duffles for dive gear and on a photo trip to Cuba. They are just great bags that are well built and lightweight and come with a lifetime guarantee. Daniel visited their factory many years ago and can confirm, their team is top notch, with deep experience and extremely high quality standards. Their commitment to environmental standards in reducing waste, investing in materials with lesser environmental impacts and deep support for encouraging everyone to get outdoors speaks to a brand that cares, a lot!

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