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About Outex:

Outex specializes in crafting professional outdoor, waterproof housings for cameras and lenses, giving both enthusiasts and professionals the freedom to shoot in any environment. From polar expeditions to underwater adventures, and even casual beach outings, their products are engineered for universal compatibility and optimal performance. With optical glass ports, Outex delivers quality that professionals worldwide have come to trust.

Why We Love Outex:

BTS with Pro photographer Kristina Sherk mirror underwater shoot

Outex resonates with us at Light & Motion because of its commitment to enabling creators in even the most challenging environments. Their products are more than just waterproof housings; they're versatile tools that have been tested in extreme conditions, from arctic ice to desert sands. In designing their housings, Outex pays the utmost attention to user experience. With tactile-rich, stretchy materials, they manage to offer complete functional control over cameras and lenses, akin to a surgeon operating with gloves on. They've achieved a rare balance of lightweight, compact design without compromising on performance—a quality we hold in high esteem.

Outex developed their patented housings to extend the benefits of underwater and extreme-environment photography to various camera types, including film, DSLR, and mirrorless. By offering this range of compatibility at affordable pricing, Outex is democratizing professional-level photography—a mission we wholeheartedly support.

Customer Support:

The team at Outex is not only knowledgeable but also incredibly responsive. To speak directly with Outex, please email or call (818) 583-7731.

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