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About Revelate Designs:

Born out of a need for robust and reliable bikepacking gear, Revelate Designs is truly one of a kind in the industry. This Alaskan-based outfit has been pioneering new standards in adventure cycling equipment, handcrafting bags that are built to endure the harsh realities of long-distance and off-road biking.

Why We Love Revelate Designs:

Revelate Designs does more than just manufacture gear; they design equipment that allows riders to push their boundaries and explore new horizons. This resonates deeply with our ethos at Light & Motion, and we can't help but admire their dedication to quality, functionality, and continuous innovation.

Innovative Gear: Revelate Designs' gear isn't just built to last - it's built to elevate your biking experience. With a keen focus on practical design, every product in their range speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and rider satisfaction.

Committed to Adventure: Revelate Designs exists to fuel the spirit of adventure. Their products are meticulously crafted to endure even the most grueling journeys, allowing riders to focus on what matters most - the ride itself.

The Team: A close-knit crew of passionate riders and outdoor enthusiasts, the Revelate Designs team embodies the spirit of their brand. Their dedication to creating top-tier gear shines through in their products, making them an absolute joy to work with.

Why is Light & Motion partnering with Revelate?

At Light & Motion, we strive to bring our customers the very best, and that means partnering with brands that share our commitment to quality, innovation, and excellent customer service. Revelate Designs' ethos closely aligns with our own, making them an ideal fit for our store. With their top-notch gear in our lineup, we are excited to help our customers gear up for their next big biking adventure.

Customer Support

For any queries or support regarding Revelate Designs' products, feel free to reach out to the Light & Motion team at, or directly contact Revelate Designs at (920) 234-8540 or

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