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About Spider Camera Holster:

Invented by photographers for photographers, Spider Holster has been producing quality camera holsters and accessories since 2008, for photographers who know the pain of antiquated neck straps. The Spider Holster is the only truly ergonomic solution for carrying a professional camera with quick one-handed access and unparalleled ergonomic comfort allowing you to focus on each shot without the distraction of discomfort. Today, the brand is recognized for its growing range of premium, dependable carrying solutions and its extensive network of brand ambassadors preaching the gospel of Spider to their colleagues in the field.

Why We Love Spider Camera Holster:

StellaPro + Spider Camera Holster makes it easy not to be lazy!

Take the weight of your cameras off of your neck and shoulders. Get more shots per shoot with less stress and fatigue to your body! The Spider Holster securely keeps your camera and gear out of the way with easy access when needed.

Not only are their products easy to use, compatible with all professional camera systems, StellaPro lights and insanely handy, but their team is just about the most professional and the friendliest as people get.

Plus we share several Ambassadors that love both our products together!

Applause for Spider Holster:

Honestly, the Spider Holster is one of the most loved pieces of gear. We NEVER shoot without it. No more sore neck and shoulders.

- The Chopsticks guys (Steve Batz & Mark Behrens)

Customer Support:

Spider Holster takes care of their customers. They have a simple ‘Product Quiz’ at the beginning of your order experience so they can recommend the most compatible products for you.

Spider Holster also has a 15 day “Love your gear” guarantee. If you are not in love with your order, they will help you return it for a refund.

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