Vya Taillight Rack Mount (GoPro)
Vya Taillight Rack Mount (GoPro)

Vya Taillight Rack Mount (GoPro)

part no. 804-0267-A


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Vya redefines bike safety with smart, advanced features with an ultra-compact design. This innovative design allows you to mount the Vya Taillight to any GoPro interface attached to your bike rack.

  • Innovative twist-lock system ensures Vya will lock into mount and not vibrate free
  • Utilizes third-party GoPro mount interfaces designed for bike racks
  • Compatible with Vya Pro Taillight and standard Vya Taillight
  • GoPro base mount not included

    Customer Reviews

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    Seat rail option

    If like me you want your Vya smart taillight as high as possible with a solid and reliable mount (and are willing to give up saddle bag space), this might be for you. You don't have to buy the GoPro seat rail mount; get one much cheaper on the Big A. This mount/adapter to me is misnamed--what's a rack mount? Whatever, it slots right into a GoPro-style seat rail mount and everything tightens up solidly.