Gas Tank from Revelate Designs
Gas Tank from Revelate Designs
Gas Tank from Revelate Designs

Gas Tank from Revelate Designs


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The Gas Tank is a high end, high volume top tube bag for carrying a ton of food and other gear. It offers substantial storage in an easy access case.

The updated 3D welded top lid zips open on both sides for one-handed access while riding or open up both when stopped for full panel access to the contents.

Great for snacks, tools, navigation and whatever you want to have fast access too!

Customer Reviews

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Tom H.
In such a small form

In such a small form factor, I was able to stuff my whole med kit on my bike frame thanks to the hard sides and quality construction. I am also happy that the bag is out of the way and does not change how I ride in any way… except for the lightened load in my pack!

Anna H.
Great product

Perfect size and well built. I use it to hold snacks and I can fit everything I need for longer rides.

James S.
Revelate is my home town

Revelate is my home town bag builder so any review is partially for Eric's use, partially for the public.

I love the slightly redesigned Jerrycan. Revelate's design team added about a half inch of length and height, which makes the size perfect as it can now accommodate most chain lubricant bottles and a few extra tools. The bag is particularly useful for keeping repair items - multitool, tire sealant, etc, and now is perfectly sized for the kit most folks will probably be carrying for longer trips. One footnote - the bag will move 5 to 10 degrees either way out of alignment with the frame when traveling.... It's not problematic but is noticeable. A Velcro and plastic buckle attachment to the seat tube in lieu of the Velcro only attachment currently used might help... But that footnote shouldn't deter anyone from purchasing this nicely designed product. - James S., Anchorage AK

Dave S.
Highly recommended

Works great for the intended purpose of carrying bike tools and spares on bikepacking trips. Nicely made, good materials, and Regular fits well and my Giant ATX hardtail. Mostly stays in place and does not get in the way of pedaling. Sometimes gets bumped and falls to one side a bit and I just straighten it out and it tends to mostly stay there. Used in conjunction with a Rockbros top tube bag at the steering tube and there's just enough room between both bags on my XL frame to stand over the top bar and miss them both.

John F.
Solid attachment to the bike,

Solid attachment to the bike, love the zippers, and it holds what I need access to during my rides. Very pleased with this excellent bag.