Vis 180 Pivot Arm

Vis 180 Pivot Arm

part no. 804-0141-A


正常价格 $9.99 保存$-9.99


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Need to replace the pivot arm on the Vis 180 Pro taillight? This easily installs into the light body and features the necessary features to all the Vis 180 to pivot for ultimate traffic visibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great and Quick Service

I broke the pivot lock for my rear bike light and needed a replacement. Grae in customer service was super quick to respond and sent me the replacement. As soon as I received it I also received an email asking me if it worked as expected and if there was anything else I needed.

Great service! Thx Grae!

Exceeded Expectation

I purchased the tail ight in 2015 and have used it on countless rides, for tens of thousands of miles - along with hitting the deck a few times. About a month ago the mounting bracket broke. L&M replaced it for free. That's over-the-top good. I was willing to buy it for the nominal price. So the light continues to give good service...

Shane Scholten

I am impressed with the Light & Motion customer service. They quickly responded to my warranty claim and made the process simple.

Thomas Davinroy
Fast part replacement.

Props to the L&M crew for fast response in getting me replacement parts for my Vis 180

Guest Customer
Pivot lock not durable

The pivot lock (the red piece of this assembly) wears out prematurely, leaving the light to flop around. When the original lock failed, I was told it was a wear item and not covered under warranty, so I bought a replacement. The replacement lock has now failed after less than a year of use. I only use the light on the road, so it doesn't get a beating. I'm not super excited about buying another replacement, so I'll probably try a homebrew solution to secure the pivot at the right angle and get more use out of the light, which is otherwise fine.